Noor Dahri


There are hundreds of examples of child soldiers in the world. Children are used as suicide bombers, militants and infantry soldiers. Their innocence is shattered and misused in political violence, especially for religious jihadism.

Children trained by jihadis are used to kill and slaughter “infidels” by terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS and Hamas. Terrorism is a weapon of weak which is used against power. Terrorists use weak, vulnerable people like women and children against powerful states and militaries, as well as civilians.

In general, children are more militarized than women. World conflict reports indicate there are close to 300,000 children (boys and girls under the age of 18) presently serving as combatants worldwide. They are fighting in almost 75 percent of the world’s conflicts. In 80 percent of these conflicts, children under the age of 15 are combatants. The history of child soldiers is ancient. Many examples of child soldiers are found in the histories of Islam, Christianity and other religions.

Child soldiers have been utilized in armed conflicts around the world for much of human history. The Zulu kingdom of southern Africa, for example, was known to utilize children in their military. Humanitarian groups such as the United Nations Children’s Fund have been trying to reclaim and rehabilitate these children.

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