April 4, 1996 was a significant day in the history of world politics and would set a new trajectory for study of International Relations thereafter, more so in South Asia. This was the day when title ‘Amir ul Momineen’ was bestowed upon Mullah Mohammad Omar in an assembly of around five hundred clerics in Kandahar and who would lead (though de jure) a nascent group called ‘Taliban’ for almost next two decades. This paper focuses on how a group of students, brought together for a cause, forced themselves to have a great impact on the landmass called Afghanistan – the Graveyard of Empires. The cognisance of atrocities carried out by this extremist group is well known in public domain. This, however, is an attempt to permeate their organisational structure and know about their bureaucratic control which enabled them to be a recurring force in this part of the World. Taliban today has complete control over 20 percent of total districts, while they contest for about another 30 percent of total where nobody has been able to establish control. With the signing of Doha Peace deal in February 2020, they have established themselves as an organisation which is on the brink of gaining International recognition and legitimacy to run an Empire.

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