Africa is faced with diverse security challenges that are more complex to regional and national security strategy. International cooperation remains the major solution in order to combat these challenges, emanating from the political crises. This paper focuses on the militant group Al-Shabaab and its particularity into modern Islamic radicalization in Somalia. Al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic group, Al-Shabaab al-Mujahedeen, is a major threat to Africa and the East Africa. However, Al-Shabaab has exposed her capacity to conduct mass casualty spectacular attacks such as; attack on the intelligence and parliament headquarters, attack on police academy in Mogadishu, and a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device attack in Mogadishu, targeting a security checkpoint near the presidential palace. The objective of this paper analyses Shabaab’s attacks, provides policing methods and exposing some of the particularities of the group in relation to the challenges of Somalian forces, in order for peace building and state building efforts in Somalia.

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