Islamist Vulnerability


This terror incident has proven that those Jihadists who are released on parole from prisons or on the police tag, are still capable to plot or commit an act of terrorism such as a key ring leader of UK Jihadist, Anjem Choudhry who has also released from a prison and currently on the police tag.

The Law that the previous labour government passed that directly benefited the most serious organised criminals and terrorist who could be released after serving half of the sentence in their prisons. It was a failure of the Justice system that allowed these laws to be implements which endangered the innocent lives of the British people.

These laws were introduced in 2005 by the then Labour Home Secretary, David Blunkett, which releases prisoners halfway through their term, with the rest of their sentence under licence, but were abolished by the conservative government in 2012. Labour under Tony Blair dictated that any prisoners serving a determinate sentence would serve half of their sentence in custody before being released on licence, meaning Khan was able to walk free in December last year, the newspaper revealed. Usman khan was not the only terrorist who benefited from the labour law, but Six of the eight terrorist plotters who were jailed along with him in 2012 have also been freed from prison. Another terrorist Mohibur Rahman was also released, but again imprisoned in 2017 as he was plotting a Lee Rugby style terrorist attack against the Police and Military.


1- The Loopholes of CT Laws

2- Warnings of Terror Incidents

3- UK Prisons, The Breath of Jihadists

4- UK CONTEST Program

5- The PREVENT Strategy

6- The ITCT’s De-Radicalise Program

7- The Islamist Ideologies

8- The Propagating Jihad and its Levels

9- Islamist Vulnerability

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