On Saturday, September 22, 2018, the same day that the world focused on the tragedy of the Ahvaz military parade attack carried out by ISIS or Ahwazai Democratic Popular Front in Iran, a mob of Somali Muslim men and boys rushed the entrance to Valleyfair, a family amusement park celebrating the day in honor of law enforcement in Minnesota. The mob overcame security, jumping fences avoiding metal detectors while bringing in weapons. It was a direct premeditated attack on police and security. The backup had to be called in along with fire trucks, ambulances, and even a police helicopter. When my kids were little, we used to go to Valleyfair just like these law enforcement families for a special fun summer day. How Minnesota has changed. The Somali mob action occurred even after the Somali community had just enjoyed their very own special Somali day with reduced ticket prices at Valleyfair in July!


The mob incident has virtually gone unreported by mainstream media. This shows that a vocal number of troublemakers from within the Somali community have been effective in paralyzing honest reporting concerning the deepening of Somali violence in Minnesota. The media is afraid to report the truth. Allegedly the reason being given now is that Minnesota is facing midterm elections and four Muslims are running for government positions. Of note in the running is Keith Ellison the Democratic nominee for Attorney General while he, himself, is not Somali, he is under investigation for domestic violence! Ellison was formerly Nation of Islam, one of the most virulently anti-Semitic organizations. When I did prison interviews in Minneapolis of Somalis, Sudanese, African Americans and others, it was the former Nation of “Islamers” who told me that they had “upgraded” to Sunni Wahhabi. They were among the most violent in the jail. That was in 2005. Not to be forgotten in this election is Ilhan Omar, who may have committed perjury when she married her brother in order to obtain a green card for him. He now lives in the United Kingdom. Oddly, she has never been investigated with regards to this issue, to the best of my knowledge, even though she is running for the U.S. Congress for Keith Ellison’s old seat.


There are two other Somali candidates. I hear nothing controversial about them as the majority of Somalis are good people. In fact, I dedicated my fifth book which deals with Somalia —The Last Two Jews of Mogadishu Living Under Al Shabaab’s Fire (2018) to the good people of Somalia. I can imagine how they must cringe when hearing about their delinquent brethren who have brought even more shame upon this already shame-honor soaked community. The Somalis started fights, rampaging and looting among other things. We still don’t have all the facts. People and children were terrified. A woman posted that she feared she would never get out of the parking lot alive. Indeed, families set out for a day of fun only to return home with traumatized children.


This mob behavior is a classic example of a fused enraged shame honor group bent on destruction and obliteration of everything in its path. It calls to mind “swarming” as in the tragedy of the Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai Chabad House, Leopold Café, Rail Terminus, Cama Hospital, and Oberoi Trident Hotel attacks by the Islamic Lashkar-e-Taiba on 26 November 2008 with 164 murdered and 308 injured. Minnesotans are damn lucky no one was murdered at Valleyfair. Since the media has failed to cover this story because of concerns for “offending” the Somali community, the media has unwittingly primed the pump for further more severe life-threatening violence. The worst thing you can do when dealing with these shame honor groups is failing to set limits, fail to nip the violence in the bud and fail to be completely candid about what went on.  


Last week I wrote about The Case of Khalil Jabarin: The Palestinian Wind-up Toy as a predictable product of Palestinian shame honor culture and its atrocious child rearing practices. It is no different for the Somali Muslim community which has given Minnesota — Somali youth gangs, Al Shabaab and now Minnesota Somali recruits to the Islamic State.

Along this vein Mohamed Noor (not to be confused with the fellow running for office), the first Somali recruited to the Minneapolis Police Force now stands trial for murdering a woman in cold blood who put in a 911 call because she feared that a rape was taking place in her Minneapolis alley. Justine Ruszcyk Damond went outside and was shot to death. Once again in the quest to be politically correct more violence has ensued. This shows not only the level of terror and denial, which grips Minnesota but also the inability to deal with these issues forthrightly.


I end with a recent exchange I had on the Somali Facebook page “Gubdi Fariinta” concerning female genital mutilation (FGM) also known as cutting which remains pervasive in Somalia and throughout its diaspora communities even though FGM has been outlawed in Minnesota since 1994. It is still happening. The postings verify that the Somalis themselves know that a good portion of the political violence emanates from this violent practice. Just like Palestinian society which still engages in honor killing, the violence of terrorism begins at home and morphs into things like suicide bombing. The Somali mob that attacked Valleyfair should be thought of as lethal swarming wind-up toys who have been bred and raised in an environment that teaches hatred, vengeance and murder. Only the Somalis can stop this and yet we hear nothing from Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Muhamud Noor and Hodan Hassan as of this writing.


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