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“If our fate is to be doomed to suffer, then we will not suffer alone”


Thus, it was inscribed on the first incendiary blimp launched by Hamas on Friday. Some say that war is imminent. Just as Hamas cannot suffer alone, it must inflict its rage on Israel. Such behavior is the psychological hallmark of the borderline personality. As much as Hamas screams it loves death (it protests too much), it is really terrifying to die alone. So too, is the case of Hamas’ suicide bombing. An example is Reem Riyashi, mother of two, who was sent on a suicide bombing mission in 2004 murdering four Israelis at the Erez Crossing but her alleged martyrdom was really a cover-up for a Hamas honor killing. She had had sex with another Hamas operative and her husband decided to kill her off. How is this related to the incendiary blimp? Sexuality comes to the fore.


The bravado of the new incendiary blimp offers the perfect cover to mask the unconscious sexualized driver of Hamas’ raging behavior and its very disturbed sexual identity. Hamas men are emasculated, that is why they beg for war. Weaponizing condoms as incendiary balloons speaks volumes about their sexual inadequacies. Indeed, the Son of Hamas, the Green Prince, Mosab Hassan Yousef, has verified these sexual perversions in his memoir. More importantly, Yousef states that the greatest enemy is shame. It’s not Israel who is the enemy. Hamas merely envies Israel’s societal freedoms and therefore it must attack and destroy her. Undoubtedly the inventor of the Gaza blimp who has not as yet been identified publicly, most probably must have been deeply shamed because the invention of the blimp functions to cleanse his honor and elevates his status.


The blimp is revealing in even more ways when read in light of early childhood development. Upon reading the title in the Times of Israel article about the blimp what came to mind was, what is said of Superman! – “Is it a bird? A plane? No, it’s Superman.” But wait – no, it’s Hamas’ skewed idea of Superman symbolized by the blimp as a humongous penis breast. When infants and toddlers are very young they often confuse part objects of the mother’s body. Hamas is stuck at this infantile psychological level, even though it is brutally destructive involving complex strategical thinking. The two are coextensive not mutually exclusive just as in serial killing. It is still an infantile behaviour to create an incendiary blimp which demonstrates a cognitive deficit in thinking. Blimps are used for advertisements, travel or hanging above a football stadium to get aerial shots.

Blimps are not to be used in a destructive way. The misuse of an object constitutes a perversion.

The unconscious communication which Hamas draws upon is the universality of the mother’s body. Hamas wants to be all and to have all. Its grandiosity and omnipotence show that the terrorist organization has never learned the word “no”. Think of the Gaza drama at the border. When the incendiary blimp hits, it collapses and deflates. This is the Hamas’ idea of an inflatable toy. Terrorist organizations are all alike in this regard. They reverse the code of a child’s toy to make it into a lethal weapon.  A toy is supposed to be an object of exploration, joy, wonder and curiosity, all of which are important experiences for the developing mind facilitating morality and ethics. Hamas does not realize that it is making a fool of itself.  


The Hamas blimp inflatable “toy” continues the theme that I have been developing beginning with the Palestinian Wind-up Toy and the Somali Wind-up Toy. In the case of the Minnesota Somali Wind-up toy the notion of “swarming” surfaced as a tactical tool to terrorize the public at an amusement park. The Minnesota incident could have turned into a mass shooter attack. It should be considered a “dry run” for a future attack. So too the Hamas incendiary blimp should be considered a “dry run” for the deployment of a much worse kind of weaponized air born vehicle. Know this — that Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hezbollah and others are watching, taking notes and copying such destructive behavior.


While the concept of the “toy” is used here to underscore Hamas’ infantile behavior, the blimp is lethal and should not be underestimated. Nevertheless, Hamas’ unconscious behavior has been exposed in light of its shame honor dysfunctional childhood, which has quite literally run amok. Indeed, the word “amok” comes from the Portuguese amouco experience in Malaysia during the 17th century. The word described the frenzy of a Malay in a homicidal attack similar to the Filipino Moro. The “toys” may change but the Islamic terrorist rage, a rage that exceeds murder itself, does not. The Gazans have to want to stop the violence, only they can save themselves. The question is – does Hamas really have a brain?

Photo credit: Times of Israel


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