These are trying times for everyone across the world. Eight Israelis have now succumbed to the coronavirus and another 41 patients are in serious condition.  According to Israel Hayom, there are now 2,666 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Jewish state. The BBC reported that globally, there are 460,000 people plagued by coronavirus and over 20,000 have succumbed to it thus far.   In the wake of this global pandemic, many countries across the world are being locked down in the hopes that their nations won’t end up needing to cremate bodies like in Italy or to bury people in mass graves, like they are doing in Iran. 

There is a genuine fear that if countries don’t lock down, then there will be so many sick people that the hospital system will collapse and this poses a major threat to the entire functioning of nations across the globe. Due to this belief, the INSS, a prominent think tank in Israel, even published an article claiming that Israelis who rebel against the Israeli Ministry of Health guidelines pose a “national security threat.” Ruthie Blum in her column in Israel Hayom called all coronavirus rebels “entitled brats.” On social media, so many people are so scared of the coronavirus that many people who dare to criticize the economic and psychological cost of a prolonged lockdown have been harshly criticized by their peers.

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