193 security incidents across Afghanistan on election day, Taliban claim 166 attacks

Published By ITCT News Desk On : October 21, 2018
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Afghanistan: A total of 193 security incidents took place across Afghanistan on election day on Saturday, according to Afghan Interior Minister Wais Barmak.

The 193 security incidents reported countrywide include grenade and IED explosions. At least 27 civilians were killed and 83 civilians were wounded. Afghan Interior Minister also said 10 policemen were killed and one Afghan National Army soldier was killed while 17 security personnel were wounded across Afghanistan. There had been over 1,700 threats. He said attackers used a variety of weapons — including grenade, small arms, mortars and rocket launchers — and that security forces killed 31 insurgents.

The most serious attack on the polls was in a northern Kabul neighborhood where a suicide bomber blew himself up just as voting was about to end, killing three people and wounding another 20, said Dr. Esa Hashemiat at the nearby Afghan Hospital. Interior and Defense ministry officials said 15 people were killed or wounded, including several police.

In a statement of their own, Afghan Taliban claimed a total of 166 attacks across Afghanistan on Saturday to disrupt the election process.


Taliban statement


In Zabul province, Taliban kidnapped Election Commission staff.

Five members of Afghan Election Commission in Taliban custody


In another incident, Islamic State released a new photo report on election day showing the execution of an Afghan soldier in Kunar.

Afghan soldier in custody of IS. Another image shows his execution at point blank range

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