‘Afghan peace plan’ revealed in leaked secret document

Published By ITCT News Desk On : January 10, 2019
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Afghanistan: A detailed document leaked to the Afghan media purports to show a potential peace agreement between the United States, the Taliban and the Afghan government, it was reported by TOLO News on Monday.

The document was leaked to the Afghan media network TOLO News. US-based research center The RAND Corporation, a non-govt organization, reportedly responsible for developing the draft agreement and the document has been shared with several senior Afghan officials and politicians in Kabul as well stakeholders in the region.

The 49-page document titled “Agreement on a Comprehensive Settlement of the Conflict in Afghanistan” details proposals regarding a final peace agreement for Afghanistan at the end of a negotiating process.

Based on the document, a core bargain involving both the internal and external parties includes a declaration of a ceasefire, Taliban’s complete renunciation of links with the terrorist organizations, complete, phased ending of the current US and NATO military mission over an 18-month transitional time period.

The document suggests that the Afghan parties may invite the international community to form a small, limited “Afghanistan Support Team” focused exclusively on counter-terrorism.

According to the document, the new political arrangements within Afghanistan will include adoption of a new constitution within the 18-month transitional period. The transitional government to be led by a rotating chairman and several vice chairmen, the document suggests.

Presidential system with “somewhat reduced powers for the president” and increased balancing of presidential power compared to the current system is suggested as the future government model.

“Parties commit to an immediate, mutual, and comprehensive ceasefire and cessation of hostilities, effective upon signature of this agreement,” reads the document.

“The Islamic Movement of the Afghan Taliban renounces unequivocally and permanently any form of links with, including providing any form of support to or receiving any form of support from, any terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda and any of its branches or related groups. The Afghan parties shall prevent any use of the territory or airspace of Afghanistan in any manner that threatens the security of any other state.”

The document suggests that the United States and NATO shall end their current military missions in Afghanistan and withdraw all their personnel in three phases, over an expected period of 18 months, but adding that the US civilian cooperation should continue in Afghanistan post deal.

The document says that Afghanistan’s security institutions such as the Afghan Army, border police and intelligence services will operate under national commands while police would be localized in order to create space for “localized solutions”.

The Afghan government says only Afghans are authorized to discuss a peace deal with the Taliban and decide on the future political system.

“Any decision regarding the peace process in Afghanistan is supposed to be the authority of the Afghan government and the Afghan people. The US and regional countries are only facilitating the peace process and they persuaded the Taliban to come and seal a peace deal with the Afghan government,” said Faraidoon Khozon, a spokesman for Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah.

The Rand Corporation was not immediately available to comment on the document. Sources suggest that the document is authored by former officials of the US government.



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