Baby-faced Coventry jihadist ‘Osama bin Bieber’ ‘killed by ISIS for spying’

Published By ITCT News Desk On : April 1, 2019
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A British teenage ISIS recruit nicknamed “Osama bin Bieber” has reportedly been executed by the terror group for being a spy.Mohammed Ismail, who acquired the nickname because of his youthful looks, was 18 when he left Coventry to join ISIS in March 2014.

Not long after arriving in the Isis caliphate, Mohammed Ismail, a baby-faced teenager from Coventry, felt the need to publicly declare his commitment to the world’s most feared terrorist organisation.

“If you believe in a cause, you should be prepared to die for that cause,” he told his friends back home through Twitter. But the death staring him in the face two years later in a prison cell in Raqqa, the caliphate’s capital in northern Syria, was not how he would have expected it all to end. Before him stood an Isis executioner, hungry for revenge and poised to strike. A cameraman was also in the room, recording Ismail’s final moments as a warning to other would-be traitors.

Ismail had just confessed to betraying his colleagues by passing on secret information about their movements which ended up with western intelligence agencies. Mohammed Ismail was one of the self-styled caliphate’s youngest British recruits, but when a fellow UK fighter died in a precision strike, his masters became suspicious and his fate was sealed.

Last week their families insisted the jihadists had been “brainwashed” by a mullah from a local Coventry mosque who had also given them £3,000 towards their flights.

A source close to Amani said he had been radicalised in only 15 days: “Three weeks before he joined the jihad, he was nightclubbing in Coventry.” On arrival in Raqqa, the trio were quick to renounce their British identities. Kalantar described his UK passport as having “less value than toilet paper”, while Ismail took to social media in a string of gun-toting poses.

In June 2014, he appeared alongside two other Britons in an infamous Isis recruitment film called There Is No Life Without Jihad. One of the men, Reyaad Khan, another former Cardiff resident who once aspired to be Britain’s first Asian prime minister, told viewers: “You can be here in these golden times, fighting, or you can be on the sidelines, commentating.”

Ismail was arrested in Raqqa after the airstrike. Word of the spying claims soon filtered out. His younger brother Ahmed, who had sought to join him in Syria in 2016, changed his mind after hearing of Ismail’s “precarious position”, according to evidence since given in a UK court case.

Photo courtesy: The Times

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