Belgian security agency says over 100 Salafist organisations are active in the country

Published By ITCT News Desk On : April 20, 2019
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Brussels: The federal state security agency (VSSE) of Belgium has listed more than 100 Salafist organisations in Belgium, many of them extremist in nature, according to a written answer provided to justice minister Koen Geens quoted by The Brussels Times.

Belgian state security agency stresses that the mere adherence to Salafist ideals does not imply any involvement in terrorist activities. Included on the list are mosques where the imam is a supporter of Salafism, or members of the congregation are, or the mosque receives financial support from Salafist origins, as well as community and educational establishments with any credible link to Salafism, whether ideological or financial.

Theo Francken, former state secretary of Belgium for migration policy, announced in fall 2017 the decision to revoke residency permit from the Brussels’ Grand Mosque’s imam over his propagation of Salafism, but the court reversed the decision. Francken has said that Belgium is facing problems with “radical Islam and Salafism,” but not Islam in general.



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