Blast in Syria targets U.S. Army convoy

Published By ITCT News Desk On : January 21, 2019
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Syria: On Monday, several sources reported a suspected VBIED blast near Shadadi, in Hasaka area of Syria, causing serious damage to U.S. convoy.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that at least two U.S. soldiers have been injured in the attack.
Kurdish sources reported that it was a SVBIED attack and multiple Kurdish fighters were also killed, although these reports remain unverified. There were also reports of multiple U.S. fatalities, although it has been denied by the Coalition in a statement.
Photos circulating on social media show the damage caused by the blast.
This is the second blast in Syria targeting U.S. forces this month. Earlier this month U.S. forces in Manbij were targeted in an IS suicide bombing.
UPDATE 21 Jan 2019:
Islamic State claimed responsibility for the blast in Shadadi in a statement released by Amaq. According to the Amaq statement, the attack was an SVBIED attack, i.e, involving a suicide bomber. The Amaq statement does not mention any casualties, which confirms U.S. and SDF initial claim that there were no casualties.

Amaq claim

Detailed IS claim

In its detailed statement, IS identified Abdullah al-Ansari as the suicide bomber who carried out the SVBIED attack in Hasaka.
This story will be updated in case of new information.

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