British man found guilty of funding sister who joined Islamic State

Published By ITCT News Desk On : January 16, 2019
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Salim Wakil

United Kingdom: A British man whose sister joined the Islamic State (IS) group in Syria has been found guilty of funding terrorism by sending her money, the BBC reported on Tuesday.

Salim Wakil, 25, of Fleet, Hampshire, accepted transferring a payment of £2,500 to his sister Sumaiyyah but told London’s Old Bailey his intention was to help her return to the UK.

Salim Wakil

She fled abroad aged 16 in August 2014, leaving the family home at night.

He was convicted by a unanimous verdict and will be sentenced on 8 February.

Judge Rebecca Poulet QC, who granted the defendant conditional bail, said he was “undoubtedly naive” and not in “any sense himself supportive of Islamic State”.

Salim Wakil, who is one of 10 children born to parents of Bangladeshi heritage, accepted transferring a payment to Sumaiyyah Wakil via Western Union, but the court heard that instead of returning to the UK she remained in Syria and later asked for more.

A letter left behind for her relatives when she first fled said she wanted to die as a martyr and warned them not to inform the authorities, the court heard.

“I love you with all my heart but none of you understand Islam in its proper sense,” it read.

The Wakil family kept quiet but police learned of her flight and found the letter a year later during a search of their home, the Old Bailey was told.

Summaiyyah Wakil, who has married two British IS fighters while in Syria including 19-year-old Mehdi Hassan who was later killed, used Skype, WhatsApp and encrypted messaging apps to correspond with her family, jurors heard.

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