Dutch police says it has foiled a major terrorist attack, seven people arrested

Published By ITCT News Desk On : September 27, 2018
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The Netherlands: Dutch police on Thursday said that it has foiled a major terrorist attack in the country, arresting seven men aged 21-34. The seven men have been arrested on terrorism charges. According to ITCT sources, the men allegedly planned a multiple-pronged attack.

In a months-long criminal investigation, the Dutch police gained sight of a 34-year-old man of Iraqi origin from Arnhem, who was convicted in 2017 for attempting to travel to join Islamic State in the Middle East. The ages of his accomplices vary from 21 to 34 years. Two of them have been convicted for an attempt to travel to Middle East to join Islamic State.

The criminal investigation began in April 2018 with information from the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD). The Iraqi origin man from Arnhem, according to an official message from the AIVD, wanted to attack at a “large event” in the Netherlands. The group was planning to use bombs and Kalashnikov AK-47s to attack an event as well as a car bomb at another location. Nearly 400 police personnel participated in the operation.

It is unclear which event they were planning to attack. Recently Netherlands faced several threats from Jihadist groups over a now-cancelled cartoon contest called by the Dutch politician Geert Wilders.


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