Elite Jihadi unit Malhama Tactical training Uighur jihadists in Syria

Published By ITCT News Desk On : November 6, 2018
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Syria: Two new videos that have recently surfaced on Jihadi forums show that the elite Jihadi military unit Malhama Tactical, also sometimes called the Black Water of Jihad, is now training Uighur jihadists of Katibat Ghuraba al Turkistan (KGT) in Syria.

Earlier last week the Uighur jihadist group Katibat Ghuraba al Turkistan (KGT), which operates in in northwestern Syria, released a video showing its fighters under tactical training in Latakia’s mountainous region. Later, Malhama Tactical released its own video showing its instructors training KGT’s unit. Malhama Tactical, which mainly comprises of very well-trained fighters from the North Caucasus and the former Soviet Union, brings its elite expertise to KGT’s ranks.

Both videos show Uighur militants training in firing drills, tactical maneuvers as well as practicing storming buildings. The faces of Malhama’s instructors have been blurred in both videos.

In the past Malhama has trained several other jihadist groups in Syria including Hay’at Tahrir al Sham (HTS), Ajnad Kavkaz and Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP).

ITCT Deputy Director Faran Jeffery, while talking to ITCT Newsdesk, said, “While this is not the first instance of Malhama training Uighur jihadists, the fact that Malhama is now training KGT is bound to make Chinese officials uneasy, and we may see Beijing using this as a reason to increase its involvement in counter-terrorism battlefield in Syria. But at the same time it is important to note that KGT is not entirely composed of Uighur fighters. It also has some Arab fighters. Just last year KGT announced the formation of a Palestinian sub-unit headed by Abu Muhammad al Filistini, who died earlier this year.”


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