EXCLUSIVE: Two Pakistani soldiers killed while rescuing women and children from ISIS terrorists in Balochistan

Published By ITCT News Desk On : September 26, 2018
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Balochistan: Two Pakistani soldiers have been killed while trying to rescue women and children from a small compound where they were being held by suspected Islamic State terrorists, ITCT sources said on Wednesday.

Pakistani security forces received intelligence that multiple terrorists were holding few men, women and children hostage in a compound in Manghochar area of Kalat, Balochistan, where they were making final preparations for a major attack targeting Shi’ite Muslims in the province. Kalat is the same area where in July 2018 Pakistani security forces killed the chief of Islamic State in Balochistan.

Pakistani security forces, including commandos, surrounded the compound and launched an operation. Two of the terrorists were neutralized by snipers while the third terrorist was gunned down by the raiding party.

Two Pakistani soldiers were also killed in the exchange of fire while at least 6 others were mildly injured.

Pakistani forces weren’t able to use heavy fire or grenades because of the presence of civilians in the compound, including women and children.

All three terrorists were killed, and weapons, ammo, suicide jackets and large quantity of explosives was recovered from the compound. No civilian loss of life was reported according to last reports received by ITCT.

Earlier there were some unverified conflicting reports that the three terrorists belonged to separatist group Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) but ITCT sources confirm that the three individuals gunned down on Wednesday in Balochistan belonged to Islamic State Khorasan (ISKP) group.

Terrorist # 1

Terrorist # 2

Terrorist # 3


Pakistani soldiers who were injured in the operation were airlifted by military chopper and provided medical care.

Pakistani soldiers being airlifted and provided medical care.


UPDATE: In a press statement released on Thursday, Pakistani military said that a total of 4 terrorists had been killed.

Funeral prayers of slain soldiers.


Photos of the two soldiers slain the op.


UPDATE: On 28th September, Islamic State’s Amaq released a claim saying IS militants have killed 15 Pakistani soldiers and wounded 30 in clashes with Pakistan Army in Shirin Aab near Mastung, Balochistan.

Initial IS claim via Amaq


Detailed IS claim released by Nashir


This story will be updated if new information flows in.

A previous version of this story said that the operation was carried out in Mastung. Pakistan military later confirmed that the operation was carried out near Mastung in Manghochar area if Kalat in Balochistan.

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