Foreign tourists and guide stabbed in Jordan attack

Published By ITCT News Desk On : November 6, 2019
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Jordanian authorities would not say if the attack was terror related

Several foreign tourists as well as a guide and a police officer have been stabbed in the Jordanian city of Jerash, a popular destination for visitors.

Police sources told the Guardian at least three of those stabbed were Mexican citizens and one Swiss citizen.

Spanish and other media initially reported that three of the victims were women from Spain but later reports suggested otherwise. A Spanish foreign ministry spokesman said: “From the information we have, there are no Spanish citizens involved, but we are still waiting for confirmation from the Jordanian authorities.”

A video purported to have been shot in the aftermath of the stabbings showed a woman lying face-first on the ground while others pressed a scarf to an apparent wound in her back.

An alarmed woman was heard calling for assistance in Spanish, shouting: “There’s been a stabbing. They’ve got a knife! Please help him here! Please!”

Another man sat nearby with a bloodied leg, and bloodstains covered the ground around them.

The Jordanian authorities reported that the assailant had been apprehended. It is unclear so far whether the attack is terror related.



The man who carried out the stabbing attack has been identified as a Palestinian named Abu Muhammed Taima from Gaza refugee camp.

ITCT has obtained photos of the perpetrator.



This story will be updated in case of new information. 


SOURCE: The Guardian 

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