Former Christian altar boy says revenge inspired him to join ISIS

Published By ITCT News Desk On : December 20, 2018
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Younnes Delefortrie (Photo: Clarion video screenshot)

Islamic State (ISIS) fighter Michael “Younnes” Delefortrie — who was raised Catholic — explained “revenge” inspired him to join the terrorist organization and justifies brutal killings in an interview with the Clarion Project.

“The cruelty of burning and drowning people, it’s not literally in the Koran, but we reflect on the right of revenge,” Delefortrie told the Clarion Project. “That’s actually why it’s allowed.”

The Clarion Project is “a non-profit organization that educates the public about the dangers of radical Islam,” according to its website.

Delefortrie grew up in a middle-class home in Belgium and was raised Catholic. He served as an altar boy in his local church, the Clarion Project reported Wednesday.


The full interview can be read here


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