Founding member of banned Sunni outfit Sipah Sahaba killed in Peshawar

Published By ITCT News Desk On : October 4, 2018
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Pakistan: According to reports on Thursday, a founding member of banned Sunni Deobandi outfit Sipah Sahaba was gunned down in a targeted attack in Peshawar city of KP province.

Maulana Ismail Darvesh was a founding member and head of KP province branch of Ahle Wal Sunnat Jamaat, a radical group known for its anti-Shi’ite rhetoric and violence and the rebranded version of Sipah Sahaba. He was traveling in Akhundabad area of Peshawar with his gunmen when unidentified men on motorcycles opened fire on his vehicle. Ismail Darvesh, along with one of his gunmen, died in the attack.

Sipah Sahaba was banned as a terrorist group in 2002 by President Pervez Musharraf. It is also a banned group in the UK.

Local authorities say they’re investigating the incident. Suspicion may fall on returning radical Shi’ite fighters from Syria and Iraq looking to settle scores in Pakistan.

Photo of Maulana Ismail Darvesh (Right)


Dead body of Ismail Darvesh.

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