Four Jihadi suspects charged over ISIS terror plot in Kosovo

Published By ITCT News Desk On : October 13, 2018
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Kosovo: Four suspected jihadists have been charged in Pristina on suspicion of planning a series of terror attacks including at a church in Kosovo, two discos and unspecified assaults in France and Belgium, reported AFP on Saturday while quoting judicial sources.

The three men and a woman, all from Kosovo and linked to the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group, were arrested earlier this year and charged on 4th October, reported AFP.

AFP further reported:

The plot leader, named as 26-year-old Bujar Berhami, is also accused of being an organiser of a thwarted attack on the Israeli national football team during a World Cup qualifier in Albania in 2016.

“The idea was to start the attack with a drone against the Israelis, then with Kalashnikovs,” Berhami is quoted as saying in the indictment.

Eight men were already sentenced in May to up to 10 years in prison for the foiled attack.

According to prosecutors, a planned attack against a Serbian Orthodox church in Mitrovica was the most advanced and “halted by the arrests”.

“The idea was to attack groups of people meeting for their religious holidays,” Berhami is quoted as saying.

The group were also accused of planning to bomb the NATO-led security force KFOR at two discos in the Serbian enclave of Gracanica.

They had began recruiting volunteers, according to prosecutors, and planned to “put explosives in the discos and trigger them remotely” or to organise “suicide attacks”.

The group also considered a commando-style attack with automatic weapons and hand grenades, “modelled on the 2015 attacks in Paris”, the prosecution said.

Unspecified attacks on public places in France and Belgium were also planned, according to the indictment.

Berhami, who also has Belgian citizenship, was arrested in September and is also accused of discussing recruitment for suicide attacks with Balkan jihadists fighting with IS in Syria and Iraq.

Gramos Shabani, 26 — who also holds Belgian citizenship — Resim Kastrati, 26, and Edona Haliti, 25, were arrested in June.

According to official estimates in Kosovo, around 300 Kosovo nationals have gone to Syria to fight for IS, and more than 50 have been killed.

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