German female ISIS member charged for murder

Published By ITCT News Desk On : December 28, 2018
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Germany: A 27-year-old German female citizen identified as Jennifer W. has been charged for murder by a court in Munich.

As an alleged member of a female ISIS squad, she was deployed in Mosul and Fallujah where she enforced ISIS law while equipped with an rifle and a suicide vest.

In summer 2015, her husband bought a five year old girl from a group of prisoners held by ISIS, which the couple held as a slave. After the child became sick and wet herself on the mattress, the husband chained her outside in the burning heat and let her die of thirst.

Jennifer W. returned to Turkey in early 2016 where she visited the German embassy in Ankara and applied for new identity papers. When she left the embassy, ​​she was arrested by members of Turkish security authorities and was subsequently deported to Germany. After arriving in Germany, she became active in several German ISIS female groups on social media and even worked as an admin of at least one influential group. In June 2018, she tried to return to Syria to re-join ISIS.



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