Germany carries out largest counter-terrorism drill in its history

Published By ITCT News Desk On : November 22, 2018
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An image from Germany's latest counter-terrorism drill at Cologne/Bonn Airport

Germany: On Tuesday night German counter-terrorism forces and regular police officers carried out a major drill at the Cologne/Bonn Airport, which is being termed Germany’s largest counter-terrorism drill in the country’s history.

At the largest anti-terror exercise to date at a German airport, around 1000 police officers rehearsed the emergency. An Islamic-motivated terrorist attack is simulated, carried out by a group of militarily trained perpetrators with the aim of killing as many people as possible.
According to the police, there are currently no concrete indications of attack plans, but such a scenario is conceivable at any time in view of the increased danger situation in Germany, and across Europe.
“It is important that we are as well prepared as possible in the event of an actual attack,” says Wolfgang Wurm, President of the Sankt Augustin Federal Police Headquarters.
The fictitious scenario was developed from the findings of the attacks in Belgium and France and is very realistic, says Wurm. None of the practicing policemen knows exactly what to expect.
There are many regular patrol officers who are on the move at the airport every day: In an emergency, they would be the first on the scene. But special units were also involved in the training.
German police regularly train for these kinds of situations, amid the rising terror situation. In March this year, dozens of police took part in a simulation in Frankfurter main station which involved explosions.

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