Government report warns over 48 British Islamic schools are teaching intolerance and misogyny to future imams

Published By ITCT News Desk On : May 6, 2019
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The Leicester madrasa where ‘stereotypical views’ of women were taught.

United Kingdom: Young imams are being trained in a network of Islamic schools across the UK that have been accused of promoting intolerance and misogyny, a secret government report has warned.

The report claims preachers emerging from some of the dozens of Darul Uloom madrasas scattered across Britain have views as extreme as those held by radical clerics who move to the UK from Islamic countries – and may spread them to worshippers, The Daily Mail reported.

The Daily Mail on Sunday has identified 48 Darul Ulooms – which can be translated as House of Knowledge – that follow a strict syllabus called Dars-E-Nizami.

At least four Darul Ulooms have previously been criticised by the education regulator Ofsted. Inspectors found students being taught that music and dancing comes from the devil and that women do not have the right to refuse sex to their husbands.

The ban on music is similar to the one imposed by Islamic State, which carried out public floggings on those who broke the rule.

A source familiar with the report was quoted by the Daily Mail: ‘UK-based training provided by Darul Ulooms results in the development of extremist views because the institutions are highly conservative and often fail to address the challenge facing Muslims in modern Britain. It means imams trained in Britain will be no better equipped than foreign-born imams in providing satisfactory support to British Muslims.’

The madrasas operate in many cities, including London, Manchester, Glasgow and Leicester, but the report cites the Darul Uloom High School in Birmingham as an example of an ‘extremist madrasa’.

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