Hizbul Ahrar claims assassination of two employees of secret service in Karachi

Published By ITCT News Desk On : October 17, 2018
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Pakistan: On Wednesday, Hizbul Ahrar claimed assassination of two officials of a “secret service” in a targeted gun attack near Dhobi Ghat, Shershah area of Karachi city. According to Hizbul Ahrar statement, the attack was carried out late night on Tuesday.

It was not immediately clear which “secret service” Hizbul Ahrar meant in its statement. ITCT Newsdesk could not immediately verify this claim.

If verified, this would be the fourth attack by Hizbul Ahrar in Karachi in October.


UPDATE (17th October 2018): 

ITCT Newsdesk has confirmed that no such assassination took place in Karachi city’s Shershah area on Tuesday night around 11am – 12am, as claimed by Hizbul Ahrar in its statement.

Speaking to an official from Karachi Counter-terrorism Department (CTD) who wished to remain unnamed, ITCT Newsdesk asked if such an attack has taken place since there has been no coverage in Pakistani Urdu media. “No, I do not think such an attack took place on Tuesday night in Karachi. I have seen no such reports, even though Hizbul Ahrar has recently carried out couple of minor attacks in Karachi. Hizbul Ahrar is lying through its teeth,” the official said.

This is second false claim made by Hizbul Ahrar this month. Previously, on 13th October Hizbul Ahrar claimed that it has kidnapped a Pakistani soldier from North Waziristan. The claim later turned out to be false since the kidnapped man was an employee of an oil exploration company and not a soldier. The story was exclusively covered by ITCT Newsdesk.

Head of South Asia desk at ITCT, Faran Jeffery, while talking to ITCT Newsdesk said, “I’m a bit surprised to see Hizbul Ahrar getting so lousy. It looks like Hizbul Ahrar is either facing some serious communication problems or it is trying to impress its foreign financiers too hard. First, there was the false claim by Hizb about kidnapping a Pakistani trooper. Turned out he was an employee of an oil and gas company. And now another false claim. I found it unusual that Hizbul Ahrar didn’t mention in its claim which intelligence agency the two men it claims to have killed belonged to. It is clear that Hizb is getting lousy. ”


This story will be updated in case of new information.


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