Hizbul Ahrar says it has kidnapped a Pakistani soldier from North Waziristan

Published By ITCT News Desk On : October 13, 2018
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Pakistan: On Saturday, Afghanistan-based Jihadi terrorist group Hizbul Ahrar claimed that its militants have kidnapped a Pakistani soldier from North Waziristan on Friday.

Hizbul Ahrar statement said the soldier has been relocated to a safe house and is being interrogated.

Hizbul Ahrar has also published the name and residential address of the soldier.

ITCT Newsdesk is not publishing the name and address of the soldier as well as Hizbul Ahrar’s statement because of our strict policy not the disclose identities of security personnel.

The incident has not yet been confirmed by Pakistani military.



EXCLUSIVE: ITCT sources confirm the man kidnapped by Hizbul Ahrar is an employee of an oil and gas company. 

ITCT sources on Saturday confirmed that the man kidnapped by Hizbul Ahrar from North Waziristan yesterday – identified as engineer Zahid Mehmood is an employee of an oil and gas company who was kidnapped from Sheeva district along with his colleague Mumtaz Ali Shah.

ITCT sources have confirmed that Zahid Mehmood was not a soldier but instead an engineer working for an oil and gas company in North Waziristan.

The incident has been confirmed by local authorities and while Hizbul Ahrar has made no mention of the second employee of the oil exploration company, Pakistani security officials fear that both may have been relocated to Afghanistan.



Local security forces launched a search operation in an attempt to find the two kidnapped employees of the oil exploration company. ITCT has obtained images from the search operation.

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