IDF carries out preemptive arrests of Hamas members in West Bank

Published By ITCT News Desk On : December 17, 2018
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IDF soldiers in search of terrorists involved in past week's attacks (Photo: IDF Spokesman's Office)

West Bank: The IDF arrested dozens of Hamas members in the West Bank over the weekend in what the army said was a preemptive action in an effort to prevent more attacks, as security forces continued the manhunt for a cell believed to be behind both the shooting in Givat Asaf, which killed two IDF soldiers, and the shooting near Ofra, which claimed the life of a baby born prematurely after his mother was shot.

Israeli troops from the Golani Brigade’s 13th Battalion arrested two armed Palestinian men on the night between Friday and Saturday near the Jewish settlement in Hebron, some 300 meters from the Cave of the Patriarchs. One was armed with an M-16 assault rifle loaded with a full magazine, set on automatic with the safety on. The other had an Uzi submachine gun. The two were arrested and taken in for questioning.

IDF found one M-16 and one Uzi from a vehicle in the Abu Sneineh neighborhood of Hebron during a search operation. The driver and passenger have been reportedly arrested.

The troops were patrolling Hebron near the Jewish settlement and holding random searches following intelligence about weapons in the Palestinian Authority that could be used for terrorism.

The Golani troops, along with reinforcements from the Nahal Brigade, have arrested dozens of Hamas members over the past few days as part of a preemptive action against the Gazan organization’s terror infrastructure in Hebron.

IDF has found the Kalashnikov used in the Givat Assaf terror attack last Thursday

On Saturday night, a force of undercover troops arrested a Palestinian man called Mohammad Barghouti in the village of Kobar near Ramallah as part of the search for the shooters who killed two IDF soldiers in Givat Asaf on Thursday.

Mohammad Barghouti, arrested in Kobar

Kobar is the home of two terrorists, Salah Barghouti and Wa’ad Barghouti, who are suspected of carrying out the drive-by shooting that claimed the life of an unborn Israeli baby, Amiad Israel Eish-Ran, who had to be delivered prematurely after his mother was wounded in an attack at the Ofra Junction.

Salah Barghouti, 29, was killed while attempting to harm Israeli forces as he sought to escape from an arrest raid on Wednesday, the Shin Bet said. Several additional Palestinian suspects were arrested in the villages of Surda and Silwad.

Meanwhile, an attacker suspected of seriously wounding IDF soldier from the Netzah Yehuda Battalion at a military post near Beit El turned himself in on Saturday.

The Palestinian attacker struck soldier Naveh Rotem, 21, in the head with a rock and stabbed him with a knife. Rotem’s conditioned has since stabilized and improved, and he is now in moderate condition.

Stone used to attack the IDF soldier in Beit El (Photo: Ofra youth)

The Israeli watchtower in Bet El where a Palestinian man managed to climb, hit an IDF soldier with a stone, stab him, and escape unharmed. The IDF soldier is reportedly in serious condition.


SOURCE: Ynet News