Indian national killed in Taliban truck bombing in Kabul that killed at least four, wounded 90

Published By ITCT News Desk On : January 15, 2019
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Afghanistan: A truck bombing claimed by Afghan Taliban killed at least four and injured 90 people in Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul on Monday.

Afghan Ministry of Interior confirmed that four people were killed and 90 have been wounded in Kabul’s Monday evening blast.

Interior ministry’s Najib Danish said among those killed, three are soldiers and one is a civilian.

Among those wounded, 23 are children and 12 are women. Danish said most of the wounded are civilians.

The attack was claimed by Afghan Taliban in the early morning hours on Tuesday.

Taliban statement

Interior Ministry deputy spokesman Nusrat Rahimi meanwhile said the figure is not final and the casualties may rise.

Ministry of Public Health officials confirmed that the four killed have been transferred to hospital. The ministry however said 50 people have been wounded.

Following the attack, Danish said the explosion was from a truck bomb explosion which occurred near Green Village compound in Kabul’s PD9.

Foreign NGOs are situated around the area and a number of foreigners also live in the area.

On Tuesday, Indian government said that a woman killed in Monday’s blast in Kabul was an Indian national.

A statement condemning Monday’s blast in Kabul was released by the Deputy NATO Senior Civilian Representative Patrick Andrews.

Statement by Deputy NATO Senior Civilian Representative Patrick Andrews

In its detailed statement, Taliban said that a five-man suicide squad took part in the Kabul attack.

English translation of detailed Taliban statement

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