Islamic State presence in Tamil Nadu worries India

Published By ITCT News Desk On : October 3, 2018
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India: Indian authorities in Tamil Nadu have beefed up security Cuddalore Central Prison to thwart any possible Islamic State attack on the facility.

Indian intelligence agency the NIA received information that Islamic State group is planning to launch an attack on the Cuddalore Central Prison and free Ansar Meeran, a high profile Islamic State prisoner being held there. This prompted the NIA to alert the Tamil Nadu Intelligence wing, which in turn alerted the senior officials of the Prisons Department. Indian security agencies have beefed up security inside the prison to deal with any internal or external attack to free Meeran.

Ansar Meeran was arrested on 12th February 2018 from Chennai by NIA on charges of involvement with the international terrorist organization the Islamic State, which included mobilising funds and facilitating the travel of a few persons to both Iraq and Syria.

The first known IS recruit from India was a resident of Cuddalore named Haja Fakkruddin, who left for Syria in early 2014 through Singapore to be part of the Islamic State. He was also featured, alongside another man from Cuddalore named Gul Mohamed Maracachi Maraicar, in an IS propaganda video in 2016.

Image of Haja Fakruddin

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