Islamic State released issue no. 155 of al-Naba magazine

Published By ITCT News Desk On : November 9, 2018
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On Friday Islamic State released issue no. 155 of its weekly al-Naba magazine.

In the issue, IS claims 100 attacks over the past week in different countries. IS also threatens Sunni tribal leaders in Afghanistan and threatens attacks against Western embassies and consulates in Egypt.

Issue no. 155 of al-Naba also carries an article talking about the campaign against Coptic Christians in Egypt and also discussed the recent attack on Coptics in al-Minya. The magazine issue also contains an infographic on the al-Minya attack.


Al-Naba # 155 article on Coptic Christians in Egypt


Al-Naba # 155 infographic on al-Minya attack


Keeping up the tradition, the al-Naba issue no. 155 also carries infographic from al-Hayat weekly video series “Harvest of the soldiers 15”, which shows Wilāyat Khorasan as the third most active Wilāyat in past week.

Al-Hayat Media infographic from al-Naba # 155


Enterprises, journalists and researchers can request the full copy of al-Naba no. 155 by sending an email at

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