ITCT obtains exclusive information about the murder of Ari Fuld

Published By ITCT News Desk On : September 16, 2018
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A 45 year-old American Israeli activist Ari Fuld was murdered by a 17 year-old Arab terrorist in Israel today on 16th Sept 2018.

The 17 year-old Arab who was from the town of Yatta near Hebron was considered a victim by the Palestine Authority.

ITCT contacted the Shin Bet- ISA (Israeli Security Agency) and obtained initial information that revealed the name of the Arab who committed an act of stabbing terror is Khalil.

According to the ITCT source in Israel, the knife Khalil used to murder Ari Fuld was hidden in a bag in a toilet booth in a commercial centre. Khalil spent an hour on the scene and aroused the suspicion of the security guard.

The mother of the terrorist reported at the check point minutes before the attack that her son had a knife and his intention was to murder someone. His family and friends are under investigation by the Israeli security services.

After the condition of the terrorist is stable, he will be investigated by the ISA whether he was acting alone or had any affiliation with a terrorist organisation.

Please see below the report ITCT obtained from the Shin Bet- ISA (Israel Security Agency).

ITCT appreciates  its source in Israel for providing such valuable and exclusive information about the murder of Ari Fuld.

Photo credit to Yeshiva World News

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