ITCT Statement Regarding the Website Ban in Pakistan

Published By ITCT News Desk On : June 20, 2019
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Today, we received an unpleasant news that the ITCT website has been blocked in Pakistan for unspecified reasons.

We are a UK-based counter terrorism think tank dedicated to countering the menace of terrorism all around the world without getting involved in geopolitical matters.

We have given coverage to terrorism incidents in Pakistan and produced various research reports and articles that not only highlighted the core issue of terrorism in Pakistan but offered a balanced approach on how to counter it. We have always been sympathetic to nation states against terrorist & extremist groups and we have defended Pakistani counter-terrorism department on more than once occasion.

ITCT has many well-known and reputable CT analysts from Pakistan who work hard to conduct research-based reports and news items covering terrorism trends that have impacted the peaceful society of Pakistan over the years.

We have never sided against any state or went against the national interests of any state, including Pakistan, on any occasion. We are therefore at a loss to understand the reasons why the government of Pakistan decided to block ITCT website in Pakistan.

We are still waiting for an official correspondence from Pakistani government to explain why our website has been blocked. We request the Pakistani government to convey to us if they have any concern or grievance with the organisation and we would be happy to resolve the issue and minimise the grievance.

ITCT urges the Pakistani government to lift the ban from ITCT website so we can continue to educate the Pakistani community on terrorism trends while at the same time providing Pakistan’s stance to the wider audience around the world.

We are also writing an official letter to the relevant Pakistani departments to highlight this issue and provide an explanation for the ban.

We also want to point out here that ITCT does not endorse any or all personal opinions of any or all our members. We are a strictly independent organisation that is free from any geopolitics and focuses only on terrorism and extremism around the world.


In the end, we request our readers in Pakistan to make their own requests to the Pakistani government to please lift the ban on ITCT website.


Thank you,

Kind Regards,

Management ITCT

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