Kenya deploys spies in hotels, malls in new counter-terrorism measures

Published By ITCT News Desk On : February 13, 2019
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Kenya: Undercover operatives have been deployed to selected hotels, malls and public institutions as the the Kenyan government strengthens its counter-terrorism measures, Kenyan media reported on Wednesday.

National Counter Terrorism Centre (NCTC) Director Martin Kimani said this was part of a response to the 14 Riverside Drive terror attack last month that left 21 Kenyans dead.

He was speaking yesterday during the launch of a report titled Understanding the Impact of Violent Extremism on Kenya’s Private Sector that was prepared by the Kenya Private Sector Alliance.

“We have certain hotels and malls where we are working actively with owners and security managers to upgrade their surveillance using their CCTV and security guards, and our own undercover operatives,” said Mr Kimani.

He said NCTC would ensure that private security companies and police stations closest to these businesses were ready to respond to any terrorist attack.

Kimani urged business owners to employ the ‘Know Your Customer’ policy to ensure they did not work with criminals.


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