Key Islamic State propagandist and recruiter killed in Afghanistan airstrike

Published By ITCT News Desk On : December 27, 2018
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Sultan Aziz Azam (Right) with another ISKP militant in Nangarhar, Afghanistan

Afghanistan: A U.S. airstrike on Wednesday in Achin district of Nangarhar in Afghanistan has killed Sultan Aziz Azam, a spokesman for the Islamic State group in Afghanistan, Afghan officials confirmed on Thursday.

A photo of Sultan Aziz Azam before he joined ISKP.

A photo of Sultan Aziz Azam after he joined ISKP.

Azam was head of the media wing of Islamic State Khorasan (ISKP) group in Afghanistan and was also responsible for recruiting fighters for high profile attacks against civilians.

Azam had a key role in recruiting for ISKP in Afghanistan and was also a key ISKP propagandist since 2015.

He was a resident of Barikab area of Bati Kot district of Nangarhar.



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