Norwegian police says it is worried about Islamic radicalisation in ‘Quran schools’ abroad

Published By ITCT News Desk On : December 29, 2018
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Norway: The Norwegian police have raised concerns about the ongoing radicalization process in so-called ‘Quran schools’ in Somalia, where kids from immigrant families residing in the Nordic country are sent, often against their will, by parents to avoid being “westernized”, it was reported in Norwegian media.

Police in Oslo have held talks with returning youngsters because of radicalization concerns over their stay at Quran schools abroad. Previously, youths with Somali backgrounds reported the widespread use of violence and abuse, including lashings and other methods of torture, they experienced during their educational trips to their “home country.”

Somali-Norwegian “Omar” told national broadcaster NRK about a school in Mogadishu, Somalia, where he, in addition to extensive violence, was subjected to brainwashing in an Islamist direction. Among other things, he told of an evening prayer they had to repeat every night.

“Let the West burn. Let it go to hell. Let God take the money from the West and give it to us,” “Omar” recalled.

After numerous reports on the harsh conditions that Norwegian youth are exposed to inside the Quran schools in Somalia, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security asked the Norwegian police to present an overview of the situation. The Police Directorate summarized their findings in a report, which among other things, addressed the risk of radicalization.

The brutal pedagogical habits of the Somali Quran schools previously triggered national concern in Norway, with Prime Minister Erna Solberg arguing it was illegal for the parents to subject their offspring to this sort of treatment.

Norway is home to over 40,000 Somalis, who constitute one of the largest population groups of non-European origin in the Nordic country of 5.2 million.


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