Outrage as Indian Army seen dragging a slain militant in the streets of Kashmir

Published By ITCT News Desk On : September 14, 2018
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Indian Army personnel seen dragging a militant's body in the streets of Kashmir.

14th September 2018: Indians and Pakistanis took to Twitter to condemn the Indian Army’s barbaric practice of dragging a slain militant’s body in the streets, which has been caught on camera.

Indian Army personnel seen dragging a militant’s body in the streets of Kashmir.


















While many Indians showed their outrage over their army’s act of brutality in Kashmir, Kashmiris say they are used to these tactics by the Indian forces. In 2017 a video surfaced on social media that showed a Kashmiri man tied in front of an Indian Army jeep, being paraded in the streets. Indian forces accused the man of being involved in stone pelting but many questioned the legality as well as the human rights perspective of the act of the Indian Army. What’s more worrying for many Kashmiris is the impunity with which Indian Army carries out such acts that are clearly in conflict with the rules of war. The army Major responsible for the 2017 incident was honoured by the Indian Army and the act was defended by the Chief of Indian Army himself. Due to this lack of remorse, many Indian and Kashmiri human rights activists fear that such acts will create further resentment for the Indian forces among Kashmiris and will work in favour of the many Islamic militant groups operating in the Kashmir valley that routinely attack Indian forces.



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