Pakistan government tells facilitators of terrorists to leave their homes

Published By ITCT News Desk On : October 5, 2018
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Pakistan: According to reports in Urdu press, local administration in North Waziristan has distributed a notice in several villages around Humzoni area, telling facilitators of Taliban to leave the area. Almost 200 families in the area have received the notice and multiple villages have already nearly emptied.

Local authorities distributed a list of Taliban’s facilitators among locals some time ago and locals were repeatedly warned to inform the authorities about any Taliban facilitators living in the area.

Local authorities have however denied that the notice has been issued for everyone in the area and said that it is only meant for families and individuals who are facilitating terrorist groups like the Pakistani Taliban (TTP) and others. Local authorities say they will soon announce an official policy regarding terrorist facilitators but for now requested the public to cooperate with the authorities.

North Waziristan saw a decline in terrorist activity after Pakistan Army’s Operation Zarb-e-Azb but recently the region has seen a steady rise in terrorist attacks, including cross-border attacks from Afghanistan by TTP, Hizbul Ahrar and even Islamic State. The rise in terrorist attacks also comes as Pakistani government allowed the previously displaced persons to return to their homes. Security officials now believe that several terrorist facilitators and informants have infiltrated back into North Waziristan among returning families.

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