Senior cop gunned down in Lahore, Hizbul Ahrar claims responsibility

Published By ITCT News Desk On : November 5, 2018
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Pakistan: A police official, his driver and his guard were gunned down by unidentified assailants on GT Road in Sheikhupura district of Lahore on Monday.

Station House Officer (SHO) at Lahore’s Rang Mahal police station, Zahid Mehmood, was injured in firing and was being transported to the hospital when he succumbed to his wounds, while his driver and gunman died on the spot. Local police has started a search operation in surrounding areas to arrest the gunmen.

While the local police believes that the attack could be a result of personal enmity, the terrorist group Hizbul Ahrar (HuA) has claimed responsibility for the attack. This is the second attack in Lahore claimed by Hizbul Ahrar this month. On 1st November Hizbul Ahrar had claimed another attack in Lahore, claiming to have killed and wounded ten policemen. ITCT Newsdesk could not independently verify the 1st Nov attack but according to Hizbul Ahrar the attack was buried by local media due to Islamist protests in the city.

Deputy Director ITCT Faran Jeffery while talking to ITCT Newsdesk said, “Last month HuA claimed multiple attacks in Karachi that never happened. Another HuA claim for a kidnapping in Waziristan turned out to be partially false. So we need to take what local police is saying into account. We know Hizbul Ahrar has released false claims before so there’s good reason to be skeptical about their claims.”


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