Taliban capture two Afghan districts in 24 hours

Published By ITCT News Desk On : October 14, 2018
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Afghanistan: Afghan Taliban have captured Andar district (sometimes also called Shilgar district) in Ghazni province, according to reports in the late hours on Sunday. The reports have been confirmed by ITCT’s sources.

The final announcement was made when Taliban captured the district governor’s office building along with multiple government outposts. ITCT sources have learned that Afghan security forces did not put up a real fight and instead many soldiers simply fled the area, taking refuge in a military base some 5kms away from the district center. Afghan soldiers torched the local administration building before fleeing the area.

There has been no comment so far from the Kabul administration on the situation.

In another incident, Taliban attacked a convoy of Afghan reinforcement forces that were trying to reach Andar district from Paktika province, claiming to have killed 16 soldiers and destroying an APC.

Andar district is the second Afghan district to have fallen to the Taliban in last 24 hours. Yesterday there were credible reports from nearby Paktika province that Khushamand district had fallen to the Taliban.


Photos from Andar district show Taliban in control


Local district building in Taliban control



According to latest reports obtained by ITCT, Taliban have also captured 40km part of Kabul-Kandahar highway and a major portion of Paktika-Ghazni highway.

A Taliban flag can be seen in a small market in Andar district



The Kabul administration on Monday denied that the Andar district has fallen to the Taliban, contrary to the reports from locals and photographic evidence released by Taliban.


Taliban released more photos showing the district HQ in Andar under their control.



UPDATE (23rd October 2018)

Afghan Taliban released new video titled “Conquest of Shilgar” from Andar (Shilgar) district of Ghazni province.


To request a full copy of the video, send an email to info@itct.org.uk

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