Taliban release statement against mineral mining by foreign companies, accusing Afghan government of treason

Published By ITCT News Desk On : October 9, 2018
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Afghanistan: Afghan Taliban on Tuesday released a statement criticizing mining of minerals in Afghanistan by foreign companies and accusing Kabul administration of treason.


Statement – image 1


Statement – image 2


Statement – image 3


Statement – image 4


ITCT Head of South Asia Desk Faran Jeffery says, “It is interesting that the Taliban statement on mining of minerals is pretty moderate. For example, it does not threaten attacks against foreign companies and their staff. The statement is focused on corruption in the Kabul administration and lack of transparency in the entire process. This means that Taliban are not so much against mining of minerals as they’re against allowing a few in Kabul to benefit from these mining contracts. So I think there’s space to negotiate with the Taliban on this issue. Indeed, so far Taliban have avoided targeting infrastructure projects and in fact has provided security for them on many occasions.”

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