Terrorists are welcome: British government allows radical Islamic preacher who fled Germany to settle in the UK

Published By ITCT News Desk On : December 20, 2018
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Brahim Belkaid

United Kingdom: A German Islamic hate preacher who fled Germany after being accused of leading a group inspiring 140 terrorists to join IS and al-Qaeda, has been allowed by the British government to settle in the United Kingdom, it has been revealed.

Brahim Belkaid, who led the group Die Wahre Religion – ‘the true religion’ – was accused of inspiring 140 terrorists to join ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Brahim Belkaid has been accused of using social media to incite violence

In November of that year, police launched 200 raids against the group, to seize their German assets. It was one of Europe’s biggest ever crackdowns on Islamist extremists.

Brahim Belkaid settled in Leicester in late 2013 after returning from Syria, where authorities suspect him of providing support to terrorists. Since then, the 41-year-old has spent his time proselytising in cities across Britain and using social media to promote extremist views.

The preacher continued to lead Die Wahre Religion – which is currently not banned in the UK. He was pictured distributing hardline versions of the Koran in Leicester and is said to have preached in Coventry and London.

The radical cleric has allegedly used social media to urge the destruction of the USA and in one photo smirks next to a box of ‘ISIS’ branded washing powder.

Another Facebook post features a sword, bullets and the words: ‘Jihad: the Only Solution.’

Brahim Belkaid (above, posing with a foreign washing powder brand) settled in Leicester in late 2013 after returning from Syria, where authorities suspect him of providing support to terrorists

An image from Belkaid’s Facebook page

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