Three people brutally stabbed in southwestern Germany, suspect apprehended

Published By ITCT News Desk On : September 28, 2018
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Germany: At least three people have been seriously injured after being stabbed in Ravensburg, Baden-Württemberg, in southwestern Germany. One of the victims was said to have received ‘life-threatening injuries’ in the attack while the condition of the other two victims has not yet been revealed.

Paramedics responded to injured people around the town centre as the knifeman ran through the streets reportedly armed with a ‘kitchen knife’. During the stabbing frenzy, which took place at around 4 pm in the small market town, pedestrians fled into shops as they scrambled to get out of the attacker’s way. Reportedly, one of the victims was a man eating at a local restaurant who tried to fight off the attacker with a chair.


Photo from the attack site shows blood-soaked bandages and clothes that were left on the floor by the victims after the attack.

The chair which was used by one of the victims to defend himself and his family from the stabber.


Konstanz Police tweeted: ‘At Marienplatz in Ravensburg a police operation is taking place. A culprit has injured three people there with a knife. The attacker was arrested. Updates to follow.’

Investigators believe it was just one attacker and his motive is not known yet.

A photo of the attacker has surfaced on social media, which shows what looks like a Middle Eastern young man with a knife.


Photo of the suspected attacker


A video as surfaced that shows the stabbing suspect walking around the square, waving a knife.


Another video from the attack site shows the victims being tended by paramedics.

According to latest information released by German authorities, the stabber is a 19 year old Afghan asylum seeker. The identities of the victims have also been disclosed by German authorities. The victims — two Syrian asylum-seekers aged 19 and 20, and a 52-year-old German man — were taken to the hospital. One of them is reportedly in a critical condition.

The suspect was apprehended by Ravensburg’s mayor, Daniel Rapp, who told German media that he happened to be in the area when the stabbing took place.

“The perpetrator stood in front of me suddenly with a bloody knife and threatened me,” Rapp said. “Then I told him to put the knife down.” The man followed the instructions, according to Rapp. “It was an instinctive action,” he said.

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