UK released 42 terrorists in year before law to detain extremists for longer

Published By ITCT News Desk On : March 9, 2020
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More than 40 convicted terrorists were released from prison in the year before emergency legislation was introduced to keep jailed extremists locked up for longer, figures reveal, while the number of far-right detainees has surged.

After a non-fatal terror attack in south-west London last month, the government fast-tracked laws to prevent the automatic release of terrorist offenders without Parole Board assessment. The new laws, which came into force a week ago, were applied retrospectively, meaning serving prisoners will stay in prison longer than expected.

But according to the latest figures on use of the Terrorism Act, in the year to September 2019, 42 convicted terrorists were released from custody after serving prison sentences, some of whom would have been released automatically at the halfway point of their sentence with no Parole Board assessment.


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