Wilāyat Khorasan: Islamic State claimed multiple attacks in Afghanistan on 18th September

Published By ITCT News Desk On : September 18, 2018
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Afghanistan: Islamic State Khorasan (ISKP) group released claims for multiple attacks throughout Afghanistan on 18th September.

In its first claim, ISKP claimed killing a spy named “Jehangir” working for US Army by attacking his car with gunfire, near Khost city of Afghanistan.

ISKP claim for the gun attack in Khost, Afghanistan.


In the second claim released by Amaq, ISKP claimed killing three pro-govt militiamen in Mamand, Nangarhar province.


ISKP claim for the attack in Mamand, Nangarhar.


In a third claim released on same day, ISKP claimed an attack on a “polytheistic shrine” in Surkh Rod, Nangarhar, burning the shrine and killing all six guards posted at the shrine. ISKP also claimed capturing three guns from the guards. The attack was carried out on Sunday, 16th September, but wasn’t claimed by ISKP until Tuesday.


ISKP claim for the second attack in Nangarhar.


ISKP also released image of the guns it captured from the guards in Surkh Rod attack.


Guns captured by ISKP in Surkh Rod attack.


In a follow up claim, ISKP identified the shrine that was attacked as a “Sufi shrine”.

Follow up ISKP claim for Surkh Rod attack.

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