Understanding the Transnational Criminal Organisation

Published On : October 26, 2018
The Concept of Islamist Terrorism
October 9, 2018
Exploring the Concept of Jihad and Qital in Islam
January 1, 2019


Every counter terrorism analyst, policymaker and informed citizen should obtain and study the book Los Zetas Inc., Criminal Corporations, Energy, and Civil War in Mexico, written by Professor and border expert Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera.  The rise of transnational criminal organizations (TCOs) covers and includes groups like the Zetas, the Islamic State (ISIS) and even Hezbollah.  Analysts and policymakers can expect that these groups will copy each other’s successes and that these groups will continue to threaten to global security.

    Los Zetas Inc illustrates how TCOs can emerge in third world countries rich in resources but suffering from poverty, corruption and impunity. This is important to understand because groups like ISIS can evolve into TCOs and challenge the authority of weak or failed states.  Of the world’s three revolutionary governments, two are Islamic; Sudan and Iran.  In Lebanon the Islamic Hezbollah not only exercises political power but also functions like a TCO.

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Mitchell Gray

Counter-terrorism Analyst - Jihadist networks in USA - US Desk (USA)

Mitchell Gray is an Attorney in Oklahoma City, USA and an adjunct professor of Oil and Gas Principles at Oklahoma City University, USA. Mitchell Gray was a former US Army personnel and served at the rank of Captain in Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). He also Served at Camp Bucca, Oklahoma National Guard in Iraq. He was also a US Army Reserve, Military Intelligence Augmentation Detachment and Judge Advocate General Corps, Oklahoma National Guard, USA.

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