DSP Khaled Awan

Mitchell Gray
September 12, 2018
Dr. Joan Swart
September 15, 2018

Khaled Awan is a serving officer in the position of Deputy Superintendent of Police in Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) in Pakistan. He is a qualified counter-terrorism officer and has participated in numerous anti-terrorism operations. Mr. Awan has investigated some high profile international terrorism cases such the 2010 Times Square car bombing attempt in Manhattan, New York, USA and also received an award for successfully investigating the case. He was also part of security protocol to Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth of UK and has received an award for it.

Mr. Awan has completed many advanced courses which made him an expert officer in countering terrorism, such as:

  • Counter-terrorism course in Baku, Azerbaijan facilitated by Interpol.
  • Anti money laundering course run by Australian Federal Police.
  • ATA PIIAT Anti-Terrorism Assistance Program at the FIA Academy in Islamabad run by the Homeland Security of USA.
  • Anti money laundering course held at the FIA Academy, Islamabad, run by the USA Treasury Department.
  • Advanced Terrorism Financing and Money Laundering Course run by the FBI held at the US Embassy.
  • Cyber Crime Course Under the supervision of FBI.
  • Counter kidnapping workshop conducted by the National Crime Agency (NCA), UK.

Mr. Awan has also worked with other security departments in Pakistan like the Crime Investigation Department (CTU) and the Federal Investigation Department (FIA).

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