Emma Clark

Raman Ghavami
October 27, 2019
Angeliki M. Siafaka
March 27, 2020

Emma Clark is a recent MSc graduate from the University of Glasgow, specialising in the study of the (theorised) ethical and moral aspects of terrorism, and additionally focusing on de-radicalisation programmes and counter-terrorism methods. Her most recent dissertation project included a Qualitative Content Analysis (QCA) of al-Qaeda’s propaganda sources pertaining to the use of human weapon attacks in Western countries. Her past work has demonstrated a clear affinity with Islamic theology, focusing on exegetical genealogies of kufr, kafir and tākfir for projects analysing the narratives perpetuated by the Islamic State (IS) to justify killing Muslims; put differently, analysing how Islamic theology, and how it is interpreted, feeds into various extremist narratives that are subsequently disseminated, and are different according to, the location in which these extremists operate. Additionally, Emma’s work typically focuses on the Middle East, with additional consideration given to Europe and North America. Her previous work experience includes roles with NextGen 5.0, and Rise to Peace, demonstrating a clear affinity and passion for the study of terrorism and counter-terrorism. Working with Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism will allow her to continue with her academic growth and knowledge of said topics; additionally, given her past (academic) experience analysing and interpreting Islamic theology, together with a broad understanding of geopolitics and history of the Middle East, it is an opportunity she can positively contribute to.

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