Faran Jeffery

Noor Dahri
September 5, 2018
Jasmine Opperman
September 5, 2018

Faran Jeffery is the Deputy Director and Head of South Asia desk on terrorism at ITCT. He is also a contributor at Porter Medium and Aurora Intel Network. He is a South Asia-based expert on counter-terrorism, counter-extremism and security-related matters. He closely monitors Jihadist groups in the Afghanistan-Pakistan region, especially Islamic State and Al-Qaeda allied groups. Mr Jeffery is an expert on Open Source Intelligence and terrorist propaganda. Some of his past work includes working as a News Editor and later as an analyst for a Pakistani national security think tank. He has memorized Quran in Arabic and has completed multiple courses in Islamic Studies and Comparative Religion. He is an expert on Quranic and Hadith interpretation. He is also a private lecturer. He has been published/quoted/mentioned at Secular World magazine, Sunday Guardian Live, Channel NewsAsia, RT News, Sputnik, Daily Pakistan, Times of Islamabad, Albawaba, Benar News, Jerusalem Online, India Today, The New Arab, Women In The World, TheDrive.com, Voice of America, Voice of America Deewa, Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC), The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, The Defense Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Jerusalem Post, i24news.tv (Arabic version), The Daily Beast, The Intercept, Neo TV, BOL TV, Eurasia Future, atlantico.fr, AR15.com, Defcon Warning System, Sciotopost.com, newsbeast.gr, pravda.rs, national-pride.org, Siasat.pk, dailyhunt.in, ProPakistani.pk, ThePrint.in, TheWeek.in, Mind.ua, TheMercury.com.au, News.com.au, nordeclair.be, Techdirt.com, The Times of India, Times of Israel, Caucasian Knot, The Uyghur American Association, Ghana Guardian, globaleventmap.org, desinfos.com, khabarbani.com, minval.az, riafan.ru, lemondejuif.info, strategickemysleni.info, msn.com, ayupp.com, asyaninsesi.com, atvbl.com, defence.pk, armeniasputnik.am, rs-lat.sputniknews.com, irozhlas.cz, voicenews.gr, xabar.uz, globalvillagespace.com, z6mag.com,  and more.

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