Irfan Peci

Jasmine Opperman
September 5, 2018
Mubashir Farooq
September 5, 2018

Irfan Peci is originally from Yugoslavia; his family fled the Yugoslavian Civil War in 1991 and escaped to Germany. As he was growing up in Germany, he was recruited by Al-Qaeda and later became a senior member of the German section of Al-Qaeda’s propaganda organisation Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF). He was arrested by the German authorities and in prison he became deradicalised and started working with the German Intelligence Service as an undercover agent against the Al-Qaeda network in Germany.
Mr Peci is a key speaker and has delivered several interviews for German print and electronic media. He is an author of his autobiography calls “The Jihadist”and started to do Deradicalisation- and Preventionwork“. He also delivers lectures as an expert on Counter Terrorism for one of the biggest German media organisations, The ZDF. He was recently appointed as an expert in the Expert Commission of the County Baden-Württemberg against Antisemitism.

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