Jack Stewart

Fahad Nabeel
June 13, 2020
Saron Messembe Obia
June 13, 2020

Jack is an university professor in Turkey. He has graduated from Indiana University with a B.A in Near Eastern Languages and Cultures and Central Eurasian Studies with a focus on the Arabic language. He also studied Turkish Language and Literature at Boğaziçi University in Istanbul, Turkey. His interest in counter terrorism and counter insurgency began when he researched the decentralisation and fragmentation of Al-Qaeda.

He formerly worked in the Afghanistan Pakistan studies centre at the Middle East Institute as a research assistant.

Jack has Awarded FLAS Fellowship to participate in 2018 IU Summer Language Workshop in Turkish; Academic Year 2019-2020, FLAS Fellowship by the Centre for the Study of the Middle East for Arabic Studies; and also awarded FLAS Fellowship to participate in 2020 Summer Language Workshop in Pashto.

Jack is fluent in Turkish; Fluent in Arabic, Fluent in Dari. Proficient in Urdu, Russian, and Pashto and Spanish languages. He has also memorise a small part of the Quran in Arabic.

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