Syeda Aminah Gilani

Bartu Eken
July 7, 2019
Fatima Ayub
August 30, 2019

Ms. Aminah Gilani teaches the course Terrorism & Counter Terrorism introduced for the first time as part of Political Science study scheme for undergraduate students at the Department of Political Science, Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore. Ms. Gilani has acquired her Political Science (M.Phil.) degree from Kinnaird College for Women, while she pursued her career in supervising student research on areas related to Counter-Terrorism. She has also acquired training from University of Vienna on inter-faith dialogue called “Vienna International Christian Islamic Summer University”.

Aminah Gilani has taught the course of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism as the first faculty member from the Department of Political Science, with a comprehensive course curriculum designed with the assistance of National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA) Pakistan, while she further initiated a collaborative program with NACTA, requesting the governmental authority to provide support in academic research at the Kinnaird College for Women on areas relating to subject of counter terrorism. Subsequently NACTA has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Kinnaird College for Women in order to establish young female students’ peace ambassadors’ forum, and has offered internship program for the students of political Science to acquire first-hand knowledge and training to understand role of youth and academia in country’s efforts in countering terrorism.

Ms. Aminah Gilani frequently writes on the topics related to Pakistan’s political issues including terrorism on various Pakistani media platforms, including her own awareness blog called citizen awareness program.

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